My First Balinese Experience

It was long overdue. Getting out of bed in the morning was a hassle, the evenings were tiring, my room was a mess, body ridden with tight muscles. I just wanted a good, refreshing massage.

But I resisted this temptation as I had not been to a massage parlor before and also there was THIS BIG concern in my mind, what if I get a boner during the session. Even the thought of it made me embarrassed.

This week after  the Monday blues, I had lost it. My body had taken a toll. I realized I was ill for the most part of this year. So I decided I had to make changes in my life. So the first step was to get a good massage.

I though it’s a good idea to do some home work on the topic.

After some research, I learnt that there are different kinds of massages like Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology Massage etc. I am not going to talk about the benefits of all these massage types, as there are tons of blogs that already do that.

But now I was confused, which one do I need. I thought if I go to an authentic massage parlor and if I provide my requirements, a professional Masseuse  would be able to recommend me the most suitable massage for me.

I knew this place called BodyRaaga. It had quite good rating on Google and seemed authentic and the place was nearby. I left office early and after reaching home I made a call and took an appointment.

I reached the parlor on time. The place was well secluded and peaceful. The receptionist was quite welcoming. I inquired about the types of massages they offer and I also mentioned that I have a bit of a back ache and I mentioned a couple of other things. After hearing me, she suggested me to go for a full body massage either a Deep tissue massage or Balinese massage which are good for Back pain. And she also mentioned that the Deep tissue massage involves applying lot of pressure. While doing my research, I had somewhere read that you can end up having a sore body if you are not routine goer to the massage parlor. Since it was my first time, I thought its better I go with the Balinese massage.

After I made the payments at the reception counter, the Masseuse requested me to follow and we entered very neat and a clean room. A nice rhythmic Balinese music was on. I did not know what to expect and I was a bit nervous.

The Masseuse told me to undress and wear a transparent looking underpants(she called them panty) and she left the room to give me privacy. I undressed and changed myself into the panties that she gave me. I won’t lie, I got bit excited and more nervous. Just to give you an imagery, the panty looked something like this or rather even a bit more transparent.transparent underwear

So I wore my underpants over them. Moments later she knocked and asked if she can enter. Hesitantly I obliged. She looked at me and said I will get oil on the underpants and that its better if I take them off. After some hesitation, I did so and laid on the Massage bed facing my back side up.

She made me comfortable through out the session, and for most of the part I had an erection. But since I was lying on my stomach, I was not worried. Then it was time for me to turn front and she held towel as I shifted my position. There she could see my bulge right through the towel. but she did not bother. I thought may be this very normal for her and she was quite professional about it. She tried to make small talks in between, may be to distract me from thinking sexual. Anyways, after the massage, I took a hot water shower and I dressed up and left the room.

The receptionist offered me a cup of herbal tea. Overall I thought it was very good first time massage experience for me. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Now I am more confident about going to a parlor again. I think its just the first time nervousness and you overcome it soon after that.

My take way: Massages are real good investments that provide great returns in terms of health benefits .